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One of the most important things you can do to improve your CSGO experience is purchasing CSGO Prime Accounts. What does this mean? It gives you access to all of the new features and unlocks some weapons that are not available in regular accounts.

So how do you know if a CSGO Prime Account is good or bad? Here are some qualities that make for an excellent one:

● It should be at least a Silver rank with many Silver wins earned by the user, meaning they’re likely skilled players who won’t get yelled at easily while using voice command.

● It should have a lot of CSGO skin collections unlocked. The player will be able to trade items and look cool in the process, which is always a plus!

● It’s also very important to make sure the account is not “suspected” or banned. If there are any, you’ll want to pass and move on because they will be less likely to rank up because of their infamy.

● Similarly, if it has many hours played in CSGO, you should consider buying another one that still has some time left over for matches.

● The player should have under 500 hours on their account, which means they will have more time left over for matches instead of wasting away playing nonstop.

Wrapping Up

This is because Prime accounts are supposed to be beginner-friendly, and CSGO doesn’t want people who have been playing for hours on end to experience too much of a difference when they go from being non-prime account users.

A prime account should also come with at least one CSGO skin collection – though the skins might not always be “on point” if you’re looking for something specific, it’s still worth buying an account that has them just in case!