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The advantages of building lean muscles with steroids are that it is legal, it does not cost a lot and you do not need a gym membership or a trainer. You can do it at home and there are no health risks involved because it does not involve any illegal drugs. You are not just building lean muscles; you are also helping to reduce your risk for various diseases. When we consider the disadvantages of steroids, they are very minor compared to the advantages.
One disadvantage is that your diet will have to change. You will not be eating the types of foods that you might normally eat in order to gain weight and build lean muscles. This can be difficult if you have tried before and done everything correctly, but this should not stop you from trying to build lean muscles. You will also have to learn how to eat properly so that your body will use the nutrition that you are giving it instead of converting it into fat. You can learn about how to eat and what kinds of foods you should be eating by reading up on nutrition and choose these legal steroids after knowing how steroids affect the body.
Another advantage of steroids compared to other weightlifting methods is that they will speed up your metabolism. As your metabolism speeds up, your energy levels skyrocket. You can expect to go from a beginner to a professional in a very short time and with little effort. These advantages and disadvantages are a good starting place to determine if steroids are right for you.